Brainview Advanced Testing

Brainview Testing

We know that behavioral health and physical health go hand-in-hand, and this assessment helps us see how they are impacting each other. The Brainview test is a cognitive assessment that provides information on your brain's functionality related to stress, memory, and cognition, while also tracking physical functions such as heart rate and metabolic rates. This test will help your provider develop a more informed treatment plan for you and better coordinate your overall care.



Patient Doing a Brainview Testing

How Will This Assessment Enhance My Care?

The results of this assessment will show activity in the brain related to processing speed, memory, and other cognitive functions. It will also provide information on stress-related conditions and how your physical and mental health are impacting one another. Most importantly, the results will provide insight and validation for what you've been feeling and experiencing in your life or could provide evidence of an underlying condition such as:

  • Warning signs in advance of disease onset of memory loss or dementia.
  • TBI
  • Depression
  • Sleep Apnea
  • Anxiety
  • Chronic Pain
Multiple brainview views

How To Prepare For Your Testing

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Scheduling & Additional Information

Once we have verified your benefits and out-of-pocket costs, one of our Patient Liaisons will call you to set up your appointment and answer any questions you may have. Payment can be made when scheduling your appointment or on the day of your testing.

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Day of Testing

For the day of the test, we ask that you do not take any stimulants beforehand. All other prescription medication can be taken as regularly scheduled. We also ask that you have clean hair and comfortable clothing. You may drive to and from your appointment. Please note we use a water-soluble gel on your scalp and hair as part of the set-up but can easily be washed out.

When you arrive and check in at the front desk, a technician will walk you back to one of our testing rooms to begin setup and instructions. They will place a fitted cap on your head and apply a small amount of saline gel to the scalp. From there, your technician will apply 3 EKG leads and a pulse oximeter. This test is harmless, painless, and observes your brain's activity and functioning.

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The Assessment Itself

The assessment takes about 30 minutes and will record your brain's activity as you complete different tasks on the computer. After these are completed, your technician will remove the cap and provide you with something to help remove the gel from your hair. Your technician will then lead you to the front desk where you can schedule your follow up appointment which is when you will review the test results with your provider. After your follow-up appointment, you may request a copy of the results.

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Before your test remember to:

  • 1 Refrain from excessive caffeine intake the day of your appointment.
  • 2 Try to sleep well the night before in order to remain awake and alert during recordings.
  • 3 Arrive with clean and dry hair for ease of cap setup.
  • 4 Wear comfortable and appropriate clothing, electrodes will be placed under your clavicle and lower rib.

Want a PDF copy to share with your Family and Friends?

Use the Access Your PDF link to download your PDF version of the Brainview Testing Education.