Cognitive Testing

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Cognitive Testing

Cognition is essentially your day-to-day functioning as well as how you can spatially, verbally, and logically relate and problem-solve. When one is affected by mental illness, one or more of these areas can be impaired.

What Is a Cognitive Test?

Cognitive testing, also called neurocognitive testing or psychometric testing, assesses your ability to think clearly and to determine if any mental conditions exist. If so, this testing allows one to determine if said condition is getting better or worse. Assessments of this kind can be used in mental health facilities or for employment screenings.

Early versions of cognitive tests were established around 100 years ago and developed through the ages. “Pencil and pen” tests were widely used up until the advent of computerized testing in the 1970s and 1980s. These new tests offered more accurate data reporting and a better assessment on response time.

What Areas of Cognition Do These Tests Study?

Cognition tests are not necessarily considered intelligence tests, or IQ tests. These assessments measure three common areas of cognition: memory, executive function, and attention. Of course, these areas have more specific facets. The questions asked during a cognitive test aim to explore basic function in these areas.

Why Cognitive Testing Is Important

Cognitive testing is crucial in assessing and diagnosing any mental health conditions you may have. Without a proper evaluation, very little can be done to solve the problem on a long-term basis. In order to appropriately treat someone for a mental health condition, its impact on the individual has to be known. When you enter treatment at Smart Neuro Health & Wellness Center, our treatment professionals will evaluate your mental state and offer an informed course of action for treatment. Contact us anytime to discuss options that are right for you.