Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up?

You can inquire about how to sign up through the patient portal or ask your provider at your next appointment.

How long are the sessions?

Patients will join once a week for an hour and a half. Curriculum does consist of homework done outside of class time.

What if I miss a class?

No problem! Make up classes are available throughout the week and your classroom director will have more information available.

Can I use my insurance?

Cost and coverage vary by carrier. Our Patient Liaison team will be more than happy to discuss options with you. Please call them at (972) 905-1353.

Medication Refill Requests for Stimulants

We are aware of the nationwide shortage of some medications (stimulants) used in the treatment of ADHD. Salience Health clinics cannot search for availability of these medications. In order to prevent delays in your ability to obtain the medication, you will need to check with your pharmacy before submitting a refill request. If you are unable to locate a pharmacy with the medication in stock, your provider will work with you on alternative treatment options such as nonstimulant medications, cognitive behavioral therapy and neurofeedback. 


Salience Health Providers will not issue letters for emotional support animals. Our providers cannot assess animals for vaccination status or assess the animal's behavior and safety in public settings. We appreciate your understanding and request you do not ask for ESA letters from your providers. 

FMLA & Short Term Disability Paperwork

Please be aware this paperwork requires significant time to complete on the part of your provider. If paperwork must be completed outside of an appointment or is the sole reason for the appointment, a $200 charge will be billed to the patient. Brief updates consisting of an extension of time for the requested period of leave may be completed during an appointment if the patient has the required forms available to the provider at the time of the appointment. If forms are not available at the time of the appointment, an additional $200 charge will incur.