Jordan Brummett Photo

Jordan Brummett, PhD, LPC

Doctor of Philosophy, Licensed Professional Counselor

Therapy Team

Change happens when we accept the person as they are, where they are and give them a safe space to explore the changes they want to make.”

One of the Most Dedicated Therapists in Collin County

Dr. Jordan Brummett is a native Texan, born and raised in a small town in the area.  She graduated from Oklahoma State University with a Bachelor's Degree in Elementary education, which she used to pursue a job teaching back in Texas.  Next, she completed her Masters Degree in Applied Clinical Psychology and pursued her licensure.  After graduation, Dr. Brummett pursued and completed a PhD in Counseling.

In the midst of pursuing her education, Dr. Brummett provided therapy services in a long-term residential treatment facility for male juvenile offenders, treating chemical dependency and behavioral health issues.  Following her work in the residential program, she established and facilitated Rise Juvenile Drug Court Treatment Program where she worked closely with a treatment team to help juvenile offenders with substance use disorder overcome obstacles and work to create a clean and sober lifestyle.  Following her time with the juvenile justice system, she worked administratively to open up and run a local child and adolescent behavioral health hospital as the Director of Operations.  Here at Salience, she serves happily as the Director of Therapy Operations and hopes to build a robust program to help equip as many as possible with the tools they need to be successful in their lives.

Dr. Brummett has a deep passion for serving others in the mental health field.  She believes change happens when persons are fully accepted as they are and where they are.  She, in conjunction with her team work towards the company mission, to relentlessly pursue remission, one patient at a time.  She resides in north Texas with her two beautiful children and enjoys spending time with them exploring as many new things as possible.