Patient Resources

Resources and Information

Use the links and content below to learn more about our technology tools, resources available, and insurance questions.

Patient Portal

Our portal is a great communication tool for our patients. On there, you can request refills, communicate with your care team, and request or reschedule appointments. We recommend you use your portal as much as possible for quick and easy communication. To get to the portal use the link on our website or click here

Telehealth System

We use a telehealth platform called DeepScribe. Our platform allows patients to join via a smartphone or laptop. You will receive a text and email with a link to your meeting within an hour of your appointment time. Click that link at your scheduled appointment time and follow the instructions to join your telehealth visit. After you join, DeepScribe will notify our team that you are ready to begin the check-in process. If you have any problems trying to get connected for your appointment please call us at (469) 379-8222.

Patient Forms

Starting 14 days before your appointment, you will receive an email and text asking to complete your online patient forms. You can fill out your forms on a desktop, tablet, or mobile phone. Please click the link you receive and follow the instructions. As a new patient you will also need to get pictures of your driver’s license, insurance cards, and photos of any medications you are taking. During your new patient forms our system will prompt you to take these photos so please have them ready when you do your paperwork. To complete your forms please click here.

Clinical Surveys

Along with other items in your patient forms, we use clinical surveys to track your progress between visits. Please take the time to read through each survey we ask you to complete and give us honest and accurate feedback at each appointment. These surveys will help your provider better understand how you are doing and if any adjustments need to be made to your treatment plan. These surveys are essential to your care so make sure they are filled out at each visit.

Insurance Accepted

Find out about insurance plans accepted at Salience Health or learn about financial assistance.