Patient-Centered Care Is Our Model

Patient-Centered Care

Patient-centered care is a not-so-new concept that many talk about but few truly implement. Years ago, patient care was centered on what the doctor thought was appropriate. Patients were rarely seen as unique individuals with different needs. But, thankfully, times have changed. Today, patient-centered care is becoming more commonplace. The experts at Smart Neuro Health don’t just talk about patient-centered care – we live, breathe and practice it.

What is patient-centered care? It involves the patient taking an active role in their treatment decisions and care. Our healthcare providers develop a true partnership with our patients and their family. We take our patient’s values, cultural traditions, lifestyle and preferences are all taken into consideration by our healthcare team.

At Smart Neuro Health & Wellness Centers, we understand and embrace patient-centered care because it is not only valuable to the patient, but to our system as a whole.

Elements of patient-centered care

In order to provide patient-centered care, we take the following elements into consideration:


Patient autonomy means the patient has the right to make their own decisions. Healthcare providers may think a certain medical test or procedure is in the patient’s best interest. But the patient has the right to refuse any treatment they wish.


Without proper communication, patient-centered care will not work. Patients need to be informed about their condition and what their treatment options are. Physicians and other healthcare professionals need to provide understandable information on interventions and treatment. They also need to listen to their patient’s questions and concerns.

Treating the whole person

Patients are more than the sum of their symptoms and their diagnosis. Treating the whole person involves addressing their emotional, psychological and spiritual needs. It may mean integrating alternative treatment along with conventional medicine. Additionally, treatment may also be to improve quality of life or be preventive and not just to cure a condition.

An integrated approach

We find that patients truly benefit from a multidisciplinary team approach to treatment. Our team approach includes doctors, nurses, mental health specialists, social workers and more.

Why patient-centered care? 

Patient-centered care is beneficial for our healthcare providers and our patients. Our medical professionals want to know that our patients are informed and educated about their condition. This leads to better compliance to treatment and prevention of complications.

When healthcare providers deliver patient-centered care, the patients feel more in control. Having a medical condition or injury can make a person feel helpless or like they have lost control. By taking a role in the care they receive, patients feel they are getting some control back, which positively impacts their outlook.

Patients who feel they are educated about their condition make better-informed decisions. Having an understanding about a medical condition also improves patient compliance. Patients can take responsibility for their health and make the changes needed to promote their recovery. And we have also found that patient-centered care improves patient outcomes.

The ultimate goal of our practice is to improve the overall experience for our patients. By delivering authentic, comprehensive and integrated patient-centered care, our patients feel informed, included, engaged and important. At the end of the day, nobody wants to have to see a doctor. But, when they do, we are honored to provide the highest-quality care possible to minimize any stress, anxiety or apprehensions to getting the treatment needed.