We Offer Coordinated Care of Mental and Physical Health

Finding specialized help when you are depressed or anxious can be confusing and frustrating. There is no single roadmap to recovery, but overall wellness requires attention to both your physical and behavioral health needs. Salience Health takes a holistic approach when it comes to your mental and physical healthcare. Our Integrated Care model unites your healthcare needs to provide comprehensive treatment plans that help you obtain improved and sustainable outcomes. Our Care Team collaborates to ensure you receive patient education, assessment, and treatment for your unique and complex needs. It is our goal to help you achieve optimal health and reconnect you to your life.

We specialize in the treatment of Depression, Anxiety, and the coexisting conditions that accompany those diagnoses such as Bipolar Disorder, PTSD, and OCD. For patients with a singular diagnosis of ADHD, Substance Abuse, or anything related to psychosis, we are likely not the best clinic for your care. If you are unsure, our Patient Liaisons are more than happy to point you in the right direction.

At Salience, we will relentlessly pursue remission and recovery together, one patient at a time.

Our Specialties

Depression Center Image
Depression Education
Anxiety Center Image
Anxiety Education

Power to the Patient

Our physicians work together and partner with your providers to allow collaboration in the treatment of depression and anxiety. Our unique and comprehensive approach to behavioral health maximizes treatment outcomes and emphasizes prevention as a priority of your care.

smiling friendly guy with a variety of emotions; a man in a whit
smiling friendly guy with a variety of emotions; a man in a whit

Team-Based Care

The most effective treatment comes from a seamless support team that closely collaborates with one another for your overall wellness.

Salience Health has a team of psychiatrists, family medicine physicians, advanced practice providers, licensed therapists, medical assistants, and care navigators working together with you to help you achieve better quality of life.


A Name With a Purpose

Why do we call ourselves Salience Health? The word salience describes the network of the human brain that regulates how we think, feel and behave. This is likely the network responsible for the symptoms you are experiencing. The name Salience also describes what we are all about: a relentless commitment to delivering the best in personalized, evidence-based care to put you on the path to improved mental and physical health.

See our Clinics

You are not alone. Salience Health has brought together the best in psychiatry, neurology, and primary care. Our providers are dedicated to collaboration with other specialties, both in and outside of our offices, to provide you with the best in collaborative, outcome driven care.

Compare the Difference

Standard Psychiatric Care

  • Isolated Psychiatric Care
  • Limited Treatment Options
  • Communication Barriers
  • No Collaborative Care
  • No Progress Measurements
  • Relying on One Person for Your Care

Salience Health Integrated Care Model

  • Unified Care Team
  • Multiple Treatment Options
  • Providers all Work Under One Roof
  • Sharing Information and Collaboration
  • Measurement Based Care
  • Multiple Providers for the Best Behavioral Healthcare Available

What to expect on your first appointment

Your initial appointment is a deep dive into your medical history, emotional challenges, and individual situation. This meeting will be your longest to ensure that we collect all the necessary information. This is essential to make an accurate diagnostic assessment and optimize your treatment planning.

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