Compassionate mental health care centered around you

Experiencing depression? Emotional anxiety? Feelings of hopelessness? The Salience Health psychiatric care team is here to help. To get to know you. To move you from hopelessness to happiness. From emotional anxiety to emotional peace. Let our seamless team of psychiatrists, neurologists, advanced nurse practitioners, and general practitioners surround you with an unsurpassed level of collaborative care and put you on the road to a healthier, happier you.

More than a mental health center. A collaborative community.

Our collaborative, outcome driven care model goes beyond what most mental health centers can provide. By working in tandem under one roof, our care team specialists will discuss your needs and collaborate to determine a personalized program centered around you.


Treating your behavioral health and physical health together

Salience Health understands that your physical health and your behavioral health are related. That's why we believe the most effective medical and behavioral treatment comes from a seamless support team that closely collaborates with one another. Psychiatrists, family medicine physicians, advanced practice providers, licensed social workers, medical assistants and care navigators. Working as one united team. Under one roof. Totally dedicated to you.

Treating YOU

Salience Health treats the whole person. Body and Mind. Why? Because mental and physical health diagnosis can impact one another. When treated separately, the connection may not get detected. By treating the two together, under the same roof, the patient’s TOTAL needs get addressed.

A name with meaning

Why do we call ourselves Salience Health? Great question. The word salience describes the part of the human brain that regulates how we think, feel and behave. The name Salience describes what we are all about: an unrelenting commitment to delivering the best in personalized, evidence-based care to put our patients path to improved mental and physical health. To get our patients back to thinking, feeling and behaving like themselves again.

Meet our team

You are not alone. Salience Health has brought together the best in psychiatry, neurology, and primary care––all under one roof. Our providers are dedicated to collaboration with other specialties, both in and outside of our offices, to provide you with the best in collaborative, outcome driven care.

Compare the difference

Standard Psychiatric Care

  • Isolated Psychiatric Care
  • Limited Treatment Options
  • Communication Barriers
  • No Collaborative Care
  • No Progress Measurements
  • Relying on One Person for Your Care

The Salience Health Model

  • Unified Care Team
  • Multiple Treatment Options
  • Providers all Work Under One Roof
  • Sharing Information and Collaboration
  • Measurement Based Care
  • Multiple Providers for the Best Behavioral Healthcare Available

What to expect from your first appointment

Your initial appointment is a deep dive into your medical history, emotional challenges, and individual situation. This meeting will be your longest to ensure that we collect all the necessary information. This is essential to make an accurate diagnostic assessment and optimize your treatment planning.

Customized Treatment. Real Results.


I’ve been going to therapy here for almost 2 years and couldn’t be more pleased with the helpful, kind, patient, and informative staff. Thank you.

– Male Patient M.S.

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