Salience Health Expands Reach with New Location in Allen, TX

Allen, TX — June 2024 — Salience Health, a leading provider of comprehensive healthcare services, proudly announces the opening of its newest location in Allen, Texas. Situated within the new Allen Tech Hub building at 1050 S. Central Expy, Suite 1200, the new facility will serve the mental healthcare needs of the Allen community and…

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How to Manage Chronic Illnesses and Depression


Living with a chronic illness can be a daily struggle, not just physically but also mentally. Depression is a common companion to chronic illnesses, exacerbating the challenges and impacting overall well-being. At Salience Health, we understand the intricate link between chronic illnesses and depression and offer comprehensive solutions to help you navigate this complex journey. In this…

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7 ADHD Signs and Symptoms in Adult Women

ADHD Signs and Symptoms in Adult Women

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is often associated with children, especially young boys, but it significantly affects adults as well, including a significant number of women. Despite its prevalence, ADHD in women often goes undiagnosed or misdiagnosed, leading to unnecessary suffering and a lack of proper treatment. This blog aims to shed light on ADHD…

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Why Saying ‘Hello, Stranger’ Could Be Key to Better Mental Health

Tips for Incorporating ‘Hello, Stranger’

In today’s digital world, the simple act of greeting a stranger in person often goes overlooked. Yet, this small gesture can have profound impacts on our mental and physical well-being. From enhancing social connections to improving mood and reducing anxiety, saying “hello” can be a powerful tool for better mental health. This blog explores the…

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Signs You Have an Anxiety or Panic Disorder

Anxiety or Panic Disorder

Anxiety and panic disorders are prevalent mental health issues that affect millions of people worldwide. These disorders can significantly impact daily life, making it crucial to understand their signs and symptoms for timely intervention. This blog aims to educate readers on the key indicators of anxiety and panic disorders, providing a comprehensive guide to understanding,…

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New Process for Medication Refills

Have you ever found yourself frustrated with the time it takes to get your med refills sorted? We heard you loud and clear. But fear not, because we’ve made some changes to our medication refill process that we believe will enhance efficiency and convenience for you. At Salience Health, we are committed to providing you with…

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Salience Health’s Talks Depression Care on Good Morning Texas

Good Morning Texas

As Salience Health, we were honored to share our innovative approach to depression care on Good Morning Texas. Our appearance served as a platform to showcase the transformative potential of our comprehensive treatment modalities, including TMS therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and personalized medication management. If you missed our appearance on Good Morning Texas, fear…

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Celebrating Women’s History Month: Honoring Women’s Contributions to Healthcare

Salience Health celebrates women who have made notable contributions to Mental Health for Women's History Month

As Salience Health celebrate Women’s History Month, it’s essential to recognize the remarkable women whose contributions have shaped the landscape of healthcare. From pioneering medical breakthroughs to advocating for public health, women have played pivotal roles in advancing healthcare worldwide. In this blog post, we pay tribute to some of these extraordinary women whose dedication…

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