Our Depression Program

Depression treatment that goes the extra mile

Experiencing sadness? Depression? Feelings of discouragement? Salience Health is here to help. If you've been treated for depression in the past but your symptoms haven't improved, you may suffer from treatment-resistant depression "TRD". Taking an antidepressant or speaking with a licensed counselor eases depression for some, but for others, more comprehensive depression treatment is needed. Whether you are someone seeking early intervention or someone whose mental health has been resistant to treatment, our evidence-based treatment can make a difference.

Going beyond traditional meds and therapy for depression

If traditional medications and depression therapy has failed to work, don't give up. Salience Health has created a specialized evidence-based depression program to help get your treatment-resistant depression under control. Take a moment to learn how a personalized approach to care can make a real difference.

Our Depression Program

Feel like giving up? Don’t. The fact is most patients will require an individualized, comprehensive treatment plan to achieve remission and recovery from their depressive episode. Our program will help you address all the factors that contribute to depression including:

  • Brain and biological factors
  • Stress-related contributors
  • Co-existing medical illness
  • Problem-solving and relationship skills
  • Social support
  • Lifestyle changes (including diet and exercise)

Our team of specialists will construct a customized treatment plan based on the most current medical evidence. Depending on your medical history, current symptoms, and testing results, you and your care team will discuss all the options available that will best support your recovery.


A name with meaning

Why do we call ourselves Salience Health? Great question. The word salience describes the area of the brain that regulates how we think, feel and behave. The name Salience also describes what we are all about: an unrelenting commitment to delivering the best in personalized, evidence-based care to put our patients on the path to improved mental and physical health. To get our patients back to thinking, feeling and behaving like themselves again.

Why Salience Health
One size fits all solutions are never the answer. Each patient is unique. Each patient requires a customized plan. That’s what you’ll get from your very own care team. Each care team brings together the talents and insights of a broad range of mental health specialists, collaborating together under the same roof. All, working together, to help bring each patient to full remission and recovery.

Comparing notes. Conquering depression.
There is a cause and effect to every medical and mental health treatment. Knowing what a patient’s other physicians are doing, what they are prescribing, is essential to a safe, effective treatment plan. That’s why our collaborative, outcome driven care model of care keep your physicians and specialists collaborating closely under the same roof. The result? Successful mental health and emotional well-being.

Compare the difference

Standard Psychiatric Care

  • Isolated Psychiatric Care
  • Limited Treatment Options
  • Communication Barriers
  • No Collaborative Care
  • No Progress Measurements
  • Relying on One Person for Your Care

The Salience Health Model

  • Unified Care Team
  • Multiple Treatment Options
  • Providers all Work Under One Roof
  • Sharing Information and Collaboration
  • Measurement Based Care
  • Multiple Providers for the Best Behavioral Healthcare Available


If your depression has been resistant to conventional treatment plans, TMS may be a great option. Antidepressant medications and psychotherapy are often used as first line treatments for depression. These treatments, however, do not work for all patients. TMS therapy is a form of neuromodulation therapy used at all our centers.

The brain is organized into groups of neurons that work together to complete specific tasks or control specific functions. These are called networks. When the connectivity within a network is disrupted, the network cannot effectively complete its assigned task. TMS therapy can strengthen these network connections to improve symptoms associated with depression and anxiety.

TMS treatment sessions vary in length depending on the TMS coil used and the number of pulses delivered but typically last in between 11 and 20 minutes. Patients receive TMS treatment 5 days a week. A typical course of TMS is 7 weeks and can vary depending on your treatment plan.

If your depression continues unabated CNS Testing may be required. A computerized neurocognitive testing platform that assesses how well your brain is managing tasks, such as working memory close space, verbal memory close space, concentration, processing speed, and executive functioning. These results give your provider objective measurements and can identify levels of impairment or may track improvement in function. This test can also be helpful in monitoring your progress during treatment.

We also offer CBT group classes to help train patients to learn how to better manage their behavioral health. For many of our patients, CBT classes have proven helpful. Salience Health offers a unique psychoeducation course taught by a licensed clinical social worker. Each course can help you manage symptoms and teach you skills that can have an immediate effect on the way you think and feel, in addition to significantly decreasing your symptoms. We offer depression, anxiety, insomnia, ADHD, and adolescent classes.

One very effective means of assessing an individual’s mental health is Brainview testing. The Brainview is the most comprehensive and advanced assessment we offer today. It combines information on your brain functioning, cognitive functioning abilities, metabolic information, and information regarding electrical signals of your heart. The report generated will show your brainwaves at rest and when your brain is performing a task. We compare this to a large database based on your age. This test will help your provider develop a more informed treatment plan for you.


In addition to support groups and psychoeducational classes, Salience Health offers individual CBT therapy sessions. Our individual CBT therapy services program helps connect patients with the right therapy options for their individual needs.


Management of your psychiatric medications plays an important role in your comprehensive treatment. Our team recognizes the health impact that these medications may have and will provide a review of previous medication treatments and effectiveness, measurement-based care at each appointment to assess effectiveness, use a thoughtful evidence-guide selection of medication and will provide genetic testing if needed.

Patients Guide To Understanding Depression

We are excited to offer this free guide to help you be more informed about depression, how depression affects the brain, and understand all your treatment options.

The Care Navigator team. Your new partners for behavioral health.

Our Care Navigator team guides you through your treatment plan and is your point of contact for all questions and coordination you need. They are here to help connect you to services, educate you, and coordinate care with your providers.

At your first appointment

Your initial appointment is a deep dive into your medical history, emotional challenges, and individual situation. This meeting will be your longest to ensure that we collect all the necessary information. This is essential to make an accurate diagnostic assessment and optimize your treatment planning.