About Us


Our Patients Come First

Our goal: Salience Health reaches out to those struggling with depression, anxiety, or hopelessness to provide an evidence-based collaborative treatment that puts the patient first.


Salience Health uses comprehensive assessment, patient education, and personalized treatment to get you back on the path of health and happiness. Contact us today.

The Salience Health Promise

Want to move from hopelessness to healthiness? Salience Health is here to help you make that change.

We promise to do everything in our power to improve the overall health and mood of our patients. It is our goal to strive to be the medical provider of choice for patients seeking quality behavioral care, improved access, and convenience.

We promise to deliver a positive, comprehensive, customized patient experience.

We promise to provide you with collaborative care team, a cheerful environment, on time appointments, and affordable treatment.

We promise to provide the best in integrated health care regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or anything else.

Our Partners

We can’t do this alone. So, we don’t try to. Salience Health has brought together a group of world-class partners who we believe are well-aligned with our mission. Through these collaborative partnerships we leverage best practices across an array of specialties to deliver excellent health care to our patients dealing with issues of depression and anxiety.

We have partnered with Bent Tree Health Professionals and Salience TMS Neuro Solutions to offer professional, experienced providers, innovative services, and comprehensive care

Bent Tree Health Professionals is the exclusive provider of medical services for Salience Health. Our partnership seamlessly integrates primary care, neurology, and behavioral health to deliver the highest standard of care. In addition to an exemplary team of providers, we utilize the latest technology to assist in diagnosing and treating a full spectrum of physical and mental health disorders.

Salience TMS Neuro Solutions is our proud partner in the delivery of transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) therapy. TMS therapy is an advanced, alternative treatment option for patients suffering from depression for which medication has proved ineffective. TMS therapy gives new hope to patients who want to reduce or possibly eliminate the use of prescription medication in the treatment of their depression.